NEJE A40640 Zoom Laser Module for Carving And Cutting


  The NEJE A40640 module is the benchmark for diode lasers. Since A40640 was released in 2020, as the inventor of the world's first diode laser module, its product performance cannot...

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The NEJE A40640 module is the benchmark for diode lasers. Since A40640 was released in 2020, as the inventor of the world's first diode laser module, its product performance cannot be surpassed so far. The mature and high-efficiency optical system design enables the output power to reach 10w -12w, NEJE A40640 laser module has a minimum focus of 0.04mm and a maximum cutting thickness of 20mm. Combined with NEJE automatic air assist, in the multi-layer control mode of the lightburn software, you can Complete grayscale, 3D, high-quality cutting and other processes at one time. And the cutting angle is smaller, the cutting edge is more vertical and cleaner. The 204g lightweight design make the motion inertia smaller and the image clearer.

Main Features

Clearer Of The Engraving and Cutting Effect

More reliable : The new laser uses a high temperature (1000℃) window glass to protect the lens, which effectively improves the service life of the lens.

Safer module design : NEJE has greatly enhanced the anti-static and surge design under the new control system. NEJE has passed the very severe test in the experiment, which has greatly improved the reliability of the NEJE control system. The new system does not require additional grounding to protect equipment.

Quiet design: NEJE A40640 module built-in NEJE unique intelligent drive design, so that the fan status can be automatically controlled.

The strongest diode engraving module, 12W pulse power in 0.04x0.06mm

NEJE A40640 module has ultra-high energy density at 30mm focus, which is beyond the reach of other imitators. It does not require air assist when carving wood with a depth of less than 1mm, and can completely vaporize the material through plasma effect. Ultra-high energy The density can also directly engrave grayscale image on stainless steel planes, which cannot be achieved by 4 x beam 20W diode lasers.

20mm max cutting depth

The adjustable focal length design enables the NEJE A40640 module to have a maximum cutting depth of 20mm, which is best used when making furniture and cutting EPE and other materials.

Hundreds of materials can be applied

Module: NEJE A40640
Focus: 0.04x0.06mm
Focus method: adjustable ( Recommend 30-55mm )
Optical power: Pulse 12W+, CW 11W+, Use 80% power (9W+) when cutting for a long time.
Replaceable lens design: Yes, Added window protection lens to extend service life (high temperature resistance of 1000 degrees Celsius)
Stainless steel direct grayscale engraving: Yes
3D hardwood engraving: Yes
Maximum cutting thickness: 20mm
Wavelength: 450nm
Weight: 204g
Module Size: 40x50x85 mm
Input: DC 12V 4A
Interface: 4pin PH2.0
Compatible with: NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 2s Max, NEJE 2s Plus, etc...
Power control: PWM Power Modulation
Fan: double ball high life fan
Drive: NEJE smart quiet drive, built-in static elimination technology.
Surge protection: Yes
Smart feedback: Yes
Temperature feedback: Yes
Temperature control: 45℃
air pump: 0.5-1.5mpa clean air (Needle type air nozzle supports oily and water-containing air source, and sealed air nozzle can only use clean air pump)
Air interface: 4mm pvc trachea
Original registered brand: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Warranty Statement: The conditions of NEJE's free after-sale policy must be met under the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use in the correct environment.
If the wrong voltage is input, or the lens is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it is not within the scope of free after-sale; for maintenance instructions, please refer to NEJE.WIKI