Atomstack F3 Matrix Detachable Working Panel Set with Fixtures

👉Size 460*425 mm or 460*850 mm
👉 Protect the desktop
👉Anti skid fixture fixing
👉 Quick measurement

Size: 460*425mm

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Main Features:

1. The Atomstack F3 matrix Working Panel Set features a new generation of innovative design to replace traditional honeycomb panels. It features matrix design elements that are spliced together and removable for easy cleaning of oil and impurities.

2. It features a one-piece design with overhanging matrix metal strips arranged sequentially, eliminating the need to place metal plates at the bottom.

3. Atomstack F3 has a large protective area of 460*425mm to protect your workbench.

4. Infinite extension design: Each Atomstack F3 will come with a connector in the package, and you can purchase two F3s to quickly assemble an extended Working Panel Set with a protective area of 460*850mm.

5. It helps laser to achieve better cutting effect. The Atomstack F3 is very easy to clean and always guarantees the best cutting results.

6. It can adapt to all brands of laser engraving machines in the market, such as: Ortur, NEJE, xTool, Sculpfun, etc.


Brand: Atomstack
Model: F3
Material: Aluminum alloy
Protection size: 460*425mm
Two F3 splicing area: 460*850mm
Storage size: 470*140*115mm
Net Weight: 1900g

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